GEM Ultimate Cruize’n

Explore The Ultimate Cruize’n Experience

Think about our Cruize’n package. Now, imagine we turn it up a notch. With our ultimate package, we offer you a wholly excellent and over-the-board cruize’n experience which gives you the most thrilling and exciting driving experience you can ever get. Our aim at GEM is to offer you a wholesome experience that makes you see that you have. With this cruize’n feature, we take you on a journey filled with lots of fun and high-end experience.

Suppose you are in the driver seat and you are faced with the road ahead, you hit the throttle and start to speed at a high rate, you drift and make sharp turns, before hitting the brake pads. By the time you are done with this, you are breathing heavy and bursting out with laughter. This is the kind of experience you get with us.

Getting this kind of experience is not a dream. It is not limited to the television as well. You can go on a joy ride with us in a safe environment and feel the vibe as you enjoy such a fantastic driving experience. You do not require to be a perfect racer to get this kind of cruise. We take you through the process and offer you the avenue to tap into what we call the ultimate GEM experience.

What more? Our photographer will document all the beautiful moments while you are dazzling with the car. Our cruize’s experience also offers you the chance for you and your co-pilot to strike up a conversation and become friends thereon. We will snap all these moments and help you document them adequately. We are big on moments and experience, and we always aim to offer you the best experience you can get while driving. Therefore, all the pictures we take while you have your fun time riding and while you are bonding with your co-pilot, we burn them into a CD and get the CD ready before you are set to leave the cruize’n ground.

Safety Measures and Performance Orientation

We stay with you all through your driving experience with us. We do not just leave you to go about it yourself. There will be a performance orientation period, where we will offer you safety measures, including fixing your lights and wipers to be in a safe condition.

We also ensure to suggest the routes you can take that are not only safe but also make for the best and most thrilling experience.