GEM Cobra Dash

Capture All The Moments You Desire

The experience you get at GEM is one of the most comprehensive driving experiences you will ever get. We want our customers to understand what it feels like to get a thrilling and exciting driving experience. When you are driving, you may come across certain things that you feel the need to capture. These beautiful moments that you come across during your cruise driving can be the highlights of your drive. You can capture all with a cobra dash.

With our cobra dash, you do not have to stress with removing your phone to capture moments. This not only takes your focus away from driving but also stresses you as you have to move about. With the cobra dash, you can record and capture all these moments conveniently. This offers you peace of mind like no other, suppose you are driving, and you witness unexpected moments such as an accident, your instinct is often to capture the incident for documentation purposes or to spread on the media for help. With your cobra dash, you can easily get these kinds of moments recorded with minimal effort.

To get the best of dash cams, ensure you choose the ones that have GPS installed. Our cobra dash has the GPS feature which makes it more useful than the regular dash cams. With this cobra dash, you not only can capture scenes but also track incidents to determine the driver at fault. Our cobra dash can also tap into our exclusive community where you can get timely updates and stay alert concerning different incidents. With the cobra dash, we offer you a holistic driving experience through which you have everything you need to make the most of your driving experience.

We understand that the use of our cars can be thrilling. You can go on driveways, cruise about, and have all the fun you desire. This is why we make it a duty to offer you a complete package. Some things make the use of a car more fulfilling, and one of such things is the cobra dash. The cobra dash is designed with high-quality lenses that ensure that it captures the best pictures that are not only clear but also cover every single detail. When you reach out to us you get your thrilling car experience, you are reaching out for a comprehensive pack of services.