1971 Dodge Challenger R/T

Explore The Beauty That Is the 1971 Dodge Challenger

When Chrysler manufactured the Challenger, the intention was so it could be the most potent pony car ever. The was available at high numbers and options, and people could access it. It was designed and positioned to pose a competition to Pontiac Firebird and Mercury Cougar. In fact, the long-wheelbase, more luxurious nature, and larger dimensions of the Challenger were spurred by the Mercury Cougar.

At the time of release, the car was aimed at the rich young demographic. The car comes off as a classy car reserved for those who have more than enough to spend. There is a lot to discuss about this 1971 Challenger. Is it the engine?

It comes with one of the best engines optimised to serve your various car needs. The engine delivers excellent results without overheating or making the car uncomfortable for use. If you love to use cars a lot and you have different things to try out, you can conveniently do so without worrying about the car overheating. The engine is also designed to offer the car a high level of performance. This improves the level of speed you get from the car and the kinds of places you can go to. The car is thorough and can go to different areas at the required speed.

Its brake pads are sharp. As such, if you are going at speed, you can easily control the speed. Once you hit the brake pads, the car responds swiftly and firmly. The brakes have a firm hold on the car which makes for safety and excellent handling. If you have to try out new drift styles or you want to race and do wonder, this great handling will come in handy. It means you can go at a fast speed and still have the car under control effectively. This means a lot for racers and average car users alike. Everyone loves the feeling of being in control.

The car is also aesthetically pleasing. The body is designed and painted with soothing colours that make the car look appealing to the eyes. This makes it a great company to your high-class events. It offers a classy look. Little wonder it grossed high numbers even three years after its release. In 1974, this Challenger sold a total of 165, 435 of it. Great car, great numbers.