1968 Pontiac GTO

The Features Of The 1968 Pontiac Are All You Need

The first version of the Pontiac was the first muscle car manufactured between the 1960s and the 1970s. For some car lovers, this car began the trend of the four local automakers providing competing models. The GTO was an optional package during the model years of 1964 and 1965. The GTO was chosen in the car of the year category of Motor Trend in 1968.

By 1968, this Pontiac GTO had gathered attraction among car lovers. This 1968 Pontiac GTO was the second generation of the GTO, and it came with a redesigned body, with a more awesome semi-fastback styling. The wheelbase and the overall length were shortened to make the car look more compact and also make for improved functionalities. The height of the car also dropped, while the weight was raised up to about 34 kg.

This Pontiac departed from the use of the vertical headlights and came out with horizontal headlights. One unique feature found with the 1968 Pontiac GTO is the Endura bumper, which was designed to absorb and withstand impacts without causing permanent deformation. This feature was a selling point for Pontiac, which the developers displayed across several media outlets, hammering the bumper but leaving no effect on it.

This is a feature most people fell in love with. After all, no one wants a car that is quick to sustain injuries. Everyone desires the car that offers you the avenue to fulfil your car desires while still strong to withstand impacts. If you desire a car that offers you the true value for your money, this Pontiac is a go-to classic in that regard. Its features are not only aesthetically pleasing but also make it durable.

Another option the 1968 Pontiac comes with is the radial tyres. These tyres are the perfect options for improved handling and riding. It offers a great connection between the steering and the overall control of the car.  As such, the tyres answer firmly to your directives through the steering. This makes for an improved driving experience. If you are also the type to cruise your car on the highway or join a friendly racing, this car serves your needs with its excellent engine and sharp brake pads.

The features of the Pontiac are all you need to get that deserved riding experience. Some often make the mistake that it is more fit for racing activities. You can enjoy this car both for racing purposes or more personal and daily ones.