1966 Mustang Fastback

Explore This Mustant For Your Rides

There are many things the Mustang Fastback is famous for. This car has been at the centre of car discussion and those who are a fan of classics know this car. It is one of those cars that give you quality driving experience and affords you all you need to fulfil your car desires.

Look at the superb performance of its brake package. It has power 4-wheel disc brakes with adequately ventilated rotors. Its four piston calipers are also top-notch standard. This is the kind of brake that holds the car irrespective of the speed you are on. It has a tight grip on the car. This kind of sharp brakes is also perfect if you are a lover of drifts and you like to make sharp turns to your delight. You hit these brakes, the car squeals, and you feel yourself in control. Amazing.

Another great feature to look at is the car’s transmission. You have the option of choosing between a 6-speed manual or a ten-speed automatic transmission. Whether you are on a regular road or just having a highway cruising moment, this car offers you the speed you need to get yourself into the moment. It goes at high speed and can be firmly controlled with the brakes. The car doesn’t consume fuel like some others. It manages fuel and ensures your cruising is unhindered.

The engine is this Mustang is the standard engine you will find in Fords. It is the Ford Gen 3 5.0. Rated at 460hp, this engine is excellent and allows your car to do all you desire without overheating. If you have numerous car desires to fulfil, you can go on without having to worry about whether the engine is being overused. It is a thorough engine built to survive racing grounds and come out with perfect results. Therefore, whether you are racing in the neighbourhood or you are cruising on the highway, you have this Mustang to serve your car needs excellently.

If you need more features to feel the vibe of this car, take a look at its exhaust system. With its stainless exhaust system in duality, the exhaust system was specifically built to serve the needs of the Ford “Coyote” engine. When you are cruising, this car makes no sound. It goes smoothly with your riding experience. It also adds more power to boost your car and get it aggressive where necessary.